What happened to the consultation on traffic flow around Westbury village?

May 25 2021

Bristol City Council has put the development of the A4018 scheme’s proposals for Westbury village on hold and as yet there are no dates for the next stage of consultation.  A new Westbury Transport and Place-making group, led by co-convenors Alan Morris and David McGregor, is taking the initiative to propose improvements that would enhance a visit to Westbury village.
Twelve representatives from local groups including schools, churches, businesses, disability forums, SusWoT, WoTSoc and two planning experts met on May 4 to discuss ways to engage the wider local community in suggesting areas for improvement. Transport issues locally include managing the traffic flow more effectively in the centre of Westbury. Place-making opportunities include enhancing the identity and character of the village centre, and supporting the village’s role as a key centre for a range of services and activities.
The group will also look at:
• rat-running – volume and speed of traffic
• access in and around the village, whether by car, bus, bike or on foot.
• environmental impact of traffic on residents (for example, Waters Lane) and schools (such as Passage Road)
• parking, including disabled parking.

The aim of this new Westbury Transport and Place-making Group is to look at options for improvement and explore whether a broad consensus emerges in good time to feed in to the Council’s transport team before they re-engage with the community.  Local politicians and the BCC transport team have been made aware of this work and support the idea.
Alan Morris says: “We plan to produce an online questionnaire (with a paper version available too) to seek views from the wider community to see which priorities emerge.
“To enable this work to go ahead it is important that we have an email address for any community group representative who would be willing to forward the questionnaire to their group.”
The Westbury Transport and Place-making group would like to hear from you at westburytransportplacegroup@gmail.com if:

• you can represent a community group that can distribute the questionnaire to its members
• you can distribute the link to the questionnaire in a local Facebook or WhatsApp group
• you would like them to send you a link to the online questionnaire for your own use
• you would like to hear more about the group
• you can help them with communications/admin or mapping/sketching.