Westbury Welcome: We're set to sponsor new refugee family

October 02 2019

Westbury Welcome:      We're set to sponsor new refugee  family

On a cold, blustery November morning, a group of volunteers from Westbury Welcome arrived at Bristol airport to welcome a Syrian family to Bristol. There were smiles, hugs, laughter and tears of joy.
This happened thanks to a group of caring and dedicated local people who set up a group called Westbury Welcome to sponsor a refugee family to come and live in the area, as part of the Government’s community sponsorship scheme.
Since 2015, the UK Government has provided a scheme to enable community groups to sponsor families to move to the UK from United Nations refugee camps. Westbury Welcome is one of these groups: raising money, finding housing and schools for the family, assisting with English lessons, arranging medical appointments and generally helping a family settle into the community over a period of two years.
 The family has been living here for nearly a year and they’ve settled in well. All the children are enjoying their respective schools and are learning English fast. There are trips to the shops, swimming lessons, daily English lessons, trips to the beach and much more. The group has forged a strong bond with the family, celebrating Eid with them, trying Syrian food, speaking some Arabic and learning about their life and experiences in Syria and Jordan.
 Due to this ongoing success story, Westbury Welcome is looking to sponsor another refugee family, so the group needs your help: whether it’s helping with fundraising, education, healthcare, shopping or transport, or generally getting involved once the family arrives and settles in. Support and practical help from people in our local community really does make a huge difference.
 If you would like to find out more, please email westburywelcome@gmail.com - they would love to hear from you.