Village flowers win double gold

October 31 2018

Westbury-on-Trym has once again triumphed in the 'Bristol in Bloom - Gardening for Bristol awards'.

The village itself and Westbury Village Hall garden have both have been awarded Gold in their respective categories of: Best Shopping District and Best Community Garden.

Chairman, Hilary Long said: "This will be the last year for awards because the Mayor has closed down the system from 2019 onwards. It will be left to individual communities to continue sponsoring their flowers and baskets if they wish, but without any title or recognition from the City itself.

"However, residents and the business community can be assured that the society's team will make sure our flower displays continue next year, having been established from 1982 onwards by the previous committee under Roger Smith, long before the 'Bristol in Bloom' competitions started and extended to cover outlying a parts of the village by Sue Boyd and Arthur Brice more recently.

“Our present organisers Jane and Rosemary, backed by our treasurer David and a team of around 20 members, will be hard at work again next spring to make sure the annual appeal money flows in and then Blaise Nursery will perform its usual magic in decorating our village with pots and baskets of fantastic flowers! 

“Mike Chant, who manages the Village Hall garden all year round and keeps it looking lovely for all the weddings there, will be delighted that all his work has been rewarded."

Hilary Long would like to thank all the contributing businesses for their support in paying for baskets and would also like to draw attention particularly to the huge contribution made by Westbury residents. 

"The monetary side to the display is crucial to its success. Without their generous sponsorship of pots and lamp post baskets, we would not have the reputation that Westbury has now gained for its annual flower displays.

“The amount subscribed to the appeal this year was between £4,000 - £5,000. The total bill for both seasons planting now comes to nearly £8,000 pounds. So, well done to everyone in Westbury who supports our efforts and many thanks to you all!” she added.