Tennis floodlights gloom

November 03 2014

IF floodlights are installed in Canford Park, it could have a "devastating affect" on residents' lives, say campaigners.

IF floodlights are installed in Canford Park, it could have a "devastating affect" on residents' lives, say campaigners.
The council has proposed that the 100-year-old green space, which encompasses a playground and tennis courts, could have 32 LED floodlights - standing at 10 metres - positioned across the four courts.
There will also be 12 access lights from the tennis courts to Canford Lane.
Campaigners, who were informed about the development in February, say that the council has failed to consult fully with the local community, and that the council has not taken into consideration the impact the floodlights could have.
This is the first site in Britain to receive this type of LED floodlighting, say campaigners.
The lights, costing £120k and funded by Sport England, are to be operational by swipe card - purchased by users of the park - from 4-10pm. Each light is 669 watts.
The proposed project has received support from the Lawn Tennis Association, who are keen to raise the profile of tennis within the area.
The Westbury-on-Trym society said in a newsletter: "The various points against this are many and varied, involving not just the effects of the lighting on residents' properties and wildlife in the area, but also changing the character of the family and spoiling its landscape with permanent lighting poles."
Barbara Grieger, a local resident of 26 years, who is opposed to the lights, said: "For young children the park is small enough to have a feeling of familiarity, intimacy and safety, yet big enough to finding little hiding places.
"My sons spent endless days after school in the park playing football with friends and and their experience of Canford Park has stayed with them. As a mum I experienced the park as a sanctuary and a wonderful green and welcoming space."
Other concerns raised include the surrounding roads being congested by visitors and residents being denied free use of the tennis courts.
A council spokesman said: “The application for floodlighting at Canford Park tennis courts would allow members of the public and the local community to use them during the darker evenings between September and April with the lights switched off when not in use and restricted to certain times.
“The planning committee responsible for the application will impartially consider all aspects, including feedback received from members of the public before any decision is made.”
The case is to be heard by the council's planning committee on November 12, at 2pm.

Mock-up floodlights