Shock over dead fish in Canford Pond

June 24 2022

Shock over dead fish  in Canford Pond

VISITORS to Canford Park have been shocked to see numbers of dead fish in the pond. 

Correspondents on the NextDoor social network say there have been as many as a dozen dead fish floating at the surface of the pond.  They say the water looks stagnant with green algae to such an extent it looks like the pond is filled with soup.

One poster said: “I was very shocked and saddened to see so many dead fish in the pond in Canford Park this morning. Does anybody take care of it?”

Former Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Caroline Gooch weighed in with “the entire pond ecosystem has gone belly up. Literally.” She reckoned that the water had turned stagnant because Bristol City Council had turned off the pump to the fountain to save money.

But Henleaze & Westbury Conservative ward councillor Steve Smith said his inquiries at the Parks Department had revealed that there never has been a pump at the pond.

He said the spray from the fountain came from mains water that was pumped into the pond to top it up. This could not be kept on for fear the untreated pond water would flow back into the water supply.

A council spokesman said the pond had never been intended as a fish pond and was not stocked by the council. Pet owners had dumped their fish there over several years without permission. The council had planted aerating plants to improve water quality but these had been stolen or just pulled out and tossed on the grass by vandals. Any dead fish were being removed.

The Friends of Canford Park were said to be talking to the Parks Department about the future of the pond. The aim is to drain the pond once more and re-establish it to encourage wildlife in line with the Ecological Emergency strategy and make it more sustainable.