September 2020 - News from your local MP

September 01 2020

Your Champion in Bristol
I always look forward to the Summer as a chance to get away from Westminster and get back to meeting with constituents across Bristol North West. Social distancing meant I couldn’t connect in the same way as usual, so instead I’ve been meeting with frontline and essential workers from across Bristol to thank them for their hard work in keeping us safe and preparing for the months ahead.
We’re lucky to be supported by a diverse range of essential workers across our city. Over the past weeks, I’ve met with teachers, food-bank volunteers, ambulance responders, firefighters, police officers, distribution workers, business owners and more. Each has played a role in helping our community respond to the Coronavirus and their expertise will be essential as we continue to keep case numbers down and recover. I’ll be taking their feedback to Parliament this September and sharing a video about these meetings soon.
I’ve also been helping to coordinate Bristol’s economic response to the coronavirus induced recession. In addition to my work on the Bristol Economic Recovery Board, in July I hosted an emergency Jobs Summit with Bristol MPs, the Mayor, key employers and trade unions. Bristol North West’s workers, businesses and employers all contribute to the wider health of the UK economy but we need targeted support to protect livelihoods and build back better.
This is a time of change in Bristol and the lockdown has given us a fresh perspective on how we get around the city. Travel West has launched an engagement window about improving the travel corridor that follows Bus Route 2 connecting Henleaze, Southmead and Henbury to the city centre and Cribbs Causeway. Given the previous problems, I’m pleased to see this early and open style of consultation. If you haven’t already, you have until September 11th to contribute ideas via my website Or, to request a paper copy, please contact Travel West on 07775115909 with your name, contact details and request.

Your Voice in Parliament:
As Parliament returns, we enter an important moment in British politics. As your Voice in Parliament, it’s my job to represent your hopes and concerns in scrutinising Government to ensure rigour and transparency in their decision-making.
We seem to have incompetent scandals every other week at the moment, from inadequate decisions in Whitehall in dealing with the pandemic to the exam results scandal which I know affected so many families across my constituency.
This Autumn, we have the return to school for young people across the country and the first full budget since the pandemic, which will be the most important budget in modern times.
We have a recession like no other, significant job losses, important climate change milestones and the need to scale up testing and tracing in advance of a most challenging peacetime Winter ever. And, of course, we have the self-inflicted no-deal Brexit on the cards for December too. All of this in the context of an uncertain world, our own integrated review into security and defence and a vital Presidential election in the United States.
This will be a difficult second half of the year for our country. I say this not to depress you, but to remake the case for competent government, effective Parliamentary work and the need for all of us to maintain our sense of community spirit and collective effort.
Lastly, I’m asking for your feedback on my work as your MP and the services that my team of staff and I deliver. You don’t just vote for your MPs, you pay for us too, and your feedback helps us improve. You can complete this online at http://darren- or by dropping my office a line for a paper copy in the post.
As always, if you have any questions or need my help just drop me an e-mail on or write to me at the House of Commons. My Facebook Page is at and you can join my mailing list via my website,

Photo by Callum Chaplin