QEH ambitions are out of this world

January 04 2016

QEH ambitions are out of this world

PUPILS from QEH have won first place in the regional heat of the UK Space Design Competition, and will now compete in the national final for the chance to represent the UK at NASA.

Held in Cardiff, the UK Space Design Competition is a science and engineering challenge designed as a simulation of life in industry.

Teams are given a list of requirements for a space settlement, and have a day to come up with a detailed design which they present to a panel of judges who include experts in the field and representatives of the UK Space Agency.

QEH was represented by Andreas Richardson, Chris Hyland, Toby Speirs, George Cherry, Rory Neville, Caleb Smith, Alex James, Philip Wakely-Skinnarland, Hamzah Ahmed, Dominic Drake and James Palmer. They worked solidly from 8am to 10pm to design all aspects of a space port. Their design was described as “intricate and technically brilliant”

Mr Stephen Holliday, Headmaster of the school, congratulated the students involved. “This competition requires complex, challenging and imaginative thinking, something which is very strong at QEH. We encourage our students to think outside the box, developing new ideas with exciting innovations and our students of today may well be the space researchers of tomorrow!”

The national finals will be held in March 2016 at Imperial College London, with members of the winning team invited to the NASA Johnson Space Center for the international final.