Project lifts 70 homes out of fuel poverty

January 29 2020

A £25,000 donation to a project by Bristol Energy helped to lift 71 households in Bristol out of fuel poverty, saving residents more than £60,000 through the provision of energy efficiency advice and support.
In 2019, the 100% green electricity and lower carbon gas provider donated £25,000 from its Fuel Good Fund to the Centre of Sustainability (CSE), Warmer Homes Advice and Money (WHAM) project.
WHAM is a major city-wide fuel poverty prevention project for low-income households to freely access expert support from leading organisations tackling fuel poverty. For every £1 put in it by the energy supplier’s Fuel Good Fund, WHAM has delivered over £3 worth of financial benefits to vulnerable citizens.
Energy efficiency advice, from draught proofing to LED bulbs, has saved or gained over £60,000 for beneficiaries of the Fuel Good Fund.
The leading organisations providing the direct support through the project include: CSE, Talking Money, We Care Home Improvements, Citizens Advice and Bristol Energy Network.
As a result of Bristol Energy’s donation, Talking Money received funds to support ten households with debt advice, while We Care Home Improvements were able to undertake repairs and make safe and secure checks ensuring that homes are suitable to live in. The donation also enabled WHAM to fund an additional caseworker to work on the project for one and half days a week.
Bristol Energy will donate up to £30 to the Fuel Good Fund if you switch to their renewable tariffs and use the code ‘FUELGOOD’.