Please don’t empty your goldfish into Canford pond

December 02 2015

Please don’t empty your goldfish into Canford pond

THE pond in Canford Park is not a fish pond.

This news stems from an enquiry at the Westbury Forum about what would happen to the fish when the pond is drained.

Hilary Long, Chairman of The Westbury Society, researched it.

“We have it from the parks department that the pond is not being drained permanently,” said Hilary “It will be drained to clean it out and the fish will be transferred to another home.”

The parks department want to make it clear that this is not a fish pond as many people seem to think.

“It seems that various people from time to time empty their fish tanks there and the fish breed,” she went on. “But there is no water flow and no oxygen as a consequence.

“The stagnant water produces weed that covers the surface - hence fish die and the pond has to be drained quite often “The message is please do not empty your unwanted goldfish into Canford Pond as they will die there due to lack of fresh water and air.”