Parking survey is coming soon ...

December 19 2018

A survey will be sent to residents in Westbury Park during January, to get an understanding as to whether residents are interested in or oppose a RPS, support other forms of parking restrictions such as extra double yellow lines, or have no view.

Since restrictions were introduced to prevent commuter parking on the Downs there have been many reports about the increasing challenge residents experience parking on their own street, safety concerns for parents with young children and of emergency vehicles unable to progress through local roads. The extension of the Redland RPS has also brought more commuter parking to Westbury Park as drivers seek the next nearest area in which to park.

The survey is a joint project co-ordinated by local councillors and the Westbury Park Association and will initially survey houses between and including Coldharbour Road to North View.  There are plans to extend the survey to cover North View to Cavendish Road at a later date.