New course to help parents of children with autism

August 28 2019

PARENTS of autistic children are being offered a new training course which explains how to better understand and help their child.
Community organisation Bristol Autism Support is launching a course for parents of children who are waiting for a diagnosis or who have just been diagnosed.
What Do I Do Now? is running at Lawrence Weston Community Farm on Mondays from 11am-1pm, the six-week course can accommodate up to eight families and begins on September 9.
Currently, parents can join the long waiting list for local authority-run courses only after they’ve received an official diagnosis. It takes around 18 months in Bristol to receive an autism diagnosis, but support and training is needed when parents first realise their child may be autistic.
Kate Laine-Toner, from Pill, set up Bristol Autism Support when her daughter Emily, now nine, was diagnosed as being autistic and Kate could find very little useful information.  
She said: “The course covers ways to help your child and manage challenging behaviour, how to get help with school issues, what benefits you might be able to claim and what support is available in Bristol.
“We end by talking about how to go forward as a family with this as your ‘new normal’. For example, how to go on holiday and attend family events without them becoming overwhelming for your autistic child.”
Places on the course cost £60 for the first member of a family and £20 for subsequent members and can be booked at: