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April 30 2018

We need to unite on NHS

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. With Easter under our belts, we’re now heading straight to summer and the first anniversary of my election. I’ll be sending an annual report and survey over the summer, but in the meantime you can read the highlights from the first quarter of 2018 by visiting this link: 

 Your Voice in Parliament 

I’ve continued to raise concerns in Parliament about the hostile takeover of GKN by Melrose. Airbus (GKN’s largest customer) has said it can’t work with a business-like Melrose. In response to widespread concerns, Melrose has said it will keep GKN in North Bristol for the next five years – this is not long enough and local jobs must be protected. I am continuing to urge the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary Greg Clark to intervene and stop one of our largest employers (and one of our oldest businesses) being split up and sold off for a quick profit. 

 Many of you have contacted me to offer support after I signed a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister asking for a Parliamentary Commission to be set-up on Health and Social Care. This follows the joint letter I signed in November 2017, which asked for a cross-party approach to the NHS – which I know tops the list of many of your national concerns.  We need the government to break the political deadlock, move away from blaming the situation on flu or winter demand (as is happening every year), and look to form a realistic approach to increasing resources to address current demand and long-term funding. To avoid delay the cross-party commission should report back before Easter 2019. The proposed green paper solely assessing social care of older adults will not resolve the wider NHS crisis - without action and assessment of health and social care as one entity patients will see a decline in services – this is totally unacceptable. 

I know many of you are as concerned as I am about the security of our personal data following reports on Cambridge Analytica and the alleged illegal campaign methods of Leave.EU during the Brexit referendum. During a speech in the House, I asked the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to give the Information Commissioner’s Office the support they need to work with the Electoral Commission and Financial Conduct Authority so they can follow both the money and the data. My work on the Data Protection Committee has now come to an end but rest assured I will be following these matters closely and championing data security and privacy rights at every opportunity.


Your Champion in Bristol

 I am sure we’d all agree our local NHS staff should be praised for their hard work under very challenging circumstances.  As the NHS approaches its 70th birthday, I’ve made several nominations to the NHS70 Parliamentary Awards. I’ve nominated Southmead’s A and E team for their excellence in emergency care, North Bristol Trust’s Colorectal Cancer team for excellence in cancer care, Southmead’s Hospital@night team for ensuring round-the-clock care and InterAct Stroke Support for their work in Reading Clinics to support stroke patients overcome mental health issues.

 I’ve also continued my conversations with Bristol City Council about getting some resolution to the pick up and drop off congestion around Redmaids High School. The principal is committed to finding a solution, and I have suggested some measures that could help whilst we wait for potential planning permissions for a more permanent solution.

 And finally, I’d like to wish Councillor Clare Campion-Smith a happy retirement after 12 years serving residents across Henleaze and (more recently) Westbury-on-Trym. Clare has been a great local councillor and it was a pleasure to run (and lose!) together as parliamentary candidates in Bristol North West at the 2015 General Election.

 Thanks to everyone who joined the April ‘Pub Politics’ at The Eastfield Inn in Henleaze. It was so popular that it took me a while to get round every table, but it was great to have such a lively and wide-ranging debate. If you fancy an informal chat about local or national policy issues, then please reserve your free ticket at a pub or café politics event: or

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Darren Jones MP

Member of Parliament  Bristol North West

"Your voice in Parliament. Your champion in Bristol."