May 2018: Primal Posture

April 30 2018

Good posture is good for business

Over the years I have talked about posture to various Bristol businesses, from large office-based employers such as Hargreaves Lansdown, to medium sized organisations such as teachers in schools, and also individual local entrepreneurs.

Wherever you fit in the local economy, time out through back pain and musculoskeletal problems, surgeries and ongoing appointments can cost you dear. 

Recent NHS England figures show that lower back pain alone accounts for 11% of disability, and referrals for surgery increasing despite poor evidence of its success. 80% of adults will experience significant back pain at some point.

Behind the statistics are real people wanting to work without the additional stress of their body letting them down. One of my recent posture course students is Hannah Turner, designer and creator of Hannah Turner Ceramics, a highly successful Bristol-based design company. You can see her beautiful work online at

Hannah decided to learn more about improving her posture due to increasing tension in her back and shoulders. As both designer and director for her company she spends long hours in the studio as well as taking frequent flights for trade fairs and meetings in Europe, the US and Sri Lanka. 

“Learning how best to sit and stand whilst doing tasks such as working on my clay designs, at my desktop computer, sitting for long journeys and carrying heavy moulds was becoming urgent. I needed to identify bad habits and know how to replace them.”

“Doing the Gokhale Method posture course has made me not only far more comfortable day-to-day, but also confident about my posture and meeting the demands of my business. I would recommend anyone experiencing back or posture problems to take this course. It’s very practical but also fascinating – I now look at how we position ourselves in a whole new light. I often look at other people’s posture and wish I could send them to Clare!”

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