Mane attraction

July 26 2022

Elsa on top of a car

 Elsa on top of a car

The Born Free Lions have attracted quite a lot of interest in the exhibition at the Sea Walls end of the Downs. Named after the 1966 film, the Born Free charity has set up an exhibition of 25 life-size lions. They hope to raise awareness of the threats to lions in the wild. In the 60s there were about 200,000 roaming free but now their numbers have reduced to just 20,000.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is Elsa standing atop a vehicle dominating the scene. Elsa was the star of the film Born Free. Each of the lions rescued and nurtured by the Born Free charity has a name and a history – scan the QR code on each statue and their touching story is revealed. 

Any money raised will go to the Forever Lions Fund which was set up in memory of Bill Travers who starred with Virginia McKenna in the original film. A full account of why the lions need decisive positive action right now is detailed on one of the sculpture in the centre. 

The exhibition on the Downs is there until October 1.