Making a difference to our environment

January 29 2020

How can I make a difference? The new Bristol North West Climate Action Group asked this question at their first meeting of the year held at Stoke Bishop's Hiatt Baker Hall.
After hearing Rob Bennington speak on the work of CHEESE (Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts) the group considered what each person could do to save on heating bills, have warmer houses and reduce Bristol's carbon footprint.
Rob demonstrated how the CHEESE survey teams track cold air coming into the house with their thermal-imaging cameras and explained some of the most frequent causes of heat loss. Britain has many poorly insulated houses and Bristol has its fair share!
CHEESE Surveys cost from £100 to £200 (for a six roomed house), and some speakers from the audience warmly recommended the service. The survey needs to be carried out in the winter months, when there is sufficient difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, so if you are interested, take a look at their web-site and consider booking a survey before April. Rob fielded various questions and members of the group with recent experience of upgrading their homes' insulation were able to describe practical actions they had taken.
Jeff Bishop led the group in a discussion of how to get home energy improvements done. A group of local residents decided to aim to support each other in making changes, sharing good practice and looking for quantity discounts from joint projects.
The February meeting will be on Thursday 20 February at Hiatt Baker Hall at 3pm - 4.30pm. Enter the University campus and follow the road until you come to the bus stop area, where you will see The Source Cafe. A reception worker there will be able to point you towards The John Allen Room where the group meet.
The topic will be the Natural Environment, discussing resilience, the Wills Hall allotment project and rewilding. Please book your place through EventBrite. Bristol North West Climate Action Group: Natural Environment