Make your views known to transport group

July 29 2021

The Westbury Transport and Place-making Group consists of residents who are considering potential transport and place-making improvements in Westbury village. They would like to hear your views.

The questionnaire

Make your views known to  transport group
An online questionnaire is available and the link to the questionnaire is being distributed widely.  To get the link, scan the QR code or email
If you are unable to complete the questionnaire online, you can pick up a paper copy of the questionnaire from Westbury Inks on Canford Lane.

The group and its work
The new Westbury Transport and Place-making Group is aiming to examine the issues and opportunities in the village streetscape, its use for transport and its quality as a place for socialising, walking and shopping.
They are doing this work now because the Council will at some future date be revisiting its proposals for Westbury village through the A4018 scheme.  
The hope of the group is to gain a broad consensus on improvement priorities in good time to feed into the Council’s transport team before they re-engage with the community.  Local politicians and the BCC transport team have been made aware of this work and support the idea.
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