Litter mayhem on Downs

July 30 2020

Nearly eight tonnes of rubbish was left on The Downs in just 10 days.
Bristol City Council workers collected 7.74 tonnes of waste from bins and the grounds at Clifton and Durdham Downs during the period from June 19 to 29.
The 10-day period followed the easing of lockdown restrictions and coincided with a stretch of hot weather which saw people flock to parks and beaches across the region.
Down’s maintenance manager Ben Skuse said “things became crazy in terms of litter” at the end of May when temperatures started to rise and people were told they could meet people from other households outside.
Mr Skuse, who is employed by the council, said the weekend of May 30-31 was “one of the busiest I have ever seen on the Downs”.
“It basically took all of the team a week afterwards to get the Downs looking reasonable again,” he wrote in a report to the Downs Committee.
“The quantities of black bags of rubbish we were clearing daily was unprecedented.
“So all in all this period has been quiet until the back end of May when things became crazy in terms of litter.
“The hot conditions meaning slow grass growth has been a good thing as our tractor driver has had to spend most of his time driving to and from the waste transfer station with trailers full of rubbish cleared off the Downs.”
By Amanda Cameron, Local Democracy Reporting Service