Grains of Truth

May 29 2018
Grains of Truth

Victoria Methodist Church is opening its doors to the public in June when thirty sculptures, woodcarvings and installations will be exhibited in a modern space.

“Grains of Truth” includes sculptures designed and painted by Richard Smith, an illustrator of educational and campaigning publications and carved by David Moore.

The late Santiago Bell, who taught David Moore his craft, was a Chilean educationalist and political activist who suffered  under the Pinochet regime. When resettled in the East End of London as a refugee, Bell created sculptures in response to his own experience of imprisonment and torture. His legacy is a collection of remarkable works.

Arun Weys’ exhibits were created as a result of accidents. “Blackbird” was made from broken windscreen glass, and inspired by the Beatles’ song. Other of her pieces, such as “Dance“ are made from treasured objects – shattered but recreated into a positive new form.

Entry is free, visit it @ Victoria Methodist Church, 1A Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 1NU, Mon-Fri 12noon – 2pm; Sat 10am – 2pm.