GCSEs September 2021

August 31 2021

Badminton School
With the normal flow of the academic year once again interrupted by lockdown, Badminton’s global community showed its strength in the face of such challenges by jumping back online and making the seamless transition of its work. The School’s online platform ‘Badminton ConnectED’ made sure that lessons and collaborative opportunities for Year 11 were streamed across the world. Meghna who is going on to study Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Latin at A Level said: “Despite the initial uncertainty regarding remote learning, I found that it enforced a beneficial learning opportunity of the independence in education and the importance of communication, which will undoubtedly help us in future.”
Rebecca Tear, Headmistress at Badminton, commented: “I applaud Year 11 not only for their resilience in the face of the challenges that the pandemic threw into their path, from remote learning to uncertainty about assessments, but also for their sustained appetite for learning. Through all this, their engagement with the new opportunities that this unique situation has presented has been voracious; it was a joy to see them opting into the Activities Programme and witness their curiosity and impressive wider skill set developing. I am very proud of them all, as well as the wider Badminton community who have supported them through this.”
Despite a huge amount of turbulence to their GCSE studies, the headline results demonstrate that Colston’s students have risen to the challenge and once again done very well:
• 58% of grades at 7 to 9
• 22% of students achieved all their grades at 7 or above
 Colston’s Headmaster, Jeremy McCullough, said: “Everyone recognises that this examination cycle has been hugely disrupted by the ravages of Covid-19. However, the students and teachers of Colston’s have responded magnificently to every challenge they have faced and we were delighted that, unlike last year, our hard-working examination candidates have had the opportunity to formally demonstrate just how much they have learned during these past two years.  
 “Through a series of rigorous and stretching assessments, and by examination of portfolios where appropriate, our students have managed to achieve excellent outcomes. Our students always learn much more than the content of examination courses and this is perhaps even more true this year.
 “We do not believe this cohort have missed out academically, but we do believe they will have picked up a great many other personal qualities, such as resilience and determination, that will stand them in good stead for the future.”

Redmaids’ High School

Year 11 students at Redmaids’ High in Bristol were full of smiles as they marked two years of hard work, dedication and learning culminating in excellent GCSE results.
Several students got straight 9s in all subjects including Hermione Brand, Eloise Davis, Rebecca Dent-Young, Emily Elms, Amy Lee-Jones and Jemima Haynes.
These girls will be starting a diverse range of subjects at Sixth Form next term including Russian, Maths, History, Economics and Psychology. Redmaids’ High is also offering new post-16 courses including bespoke Medical Sciences and Liberal Arts courses and a Foundation MBA.
Head of Redmaids’ High, Paul Dwyer, said, “Young people have felt the disruption of Covid-19 very keenly, and we shouldn’t underestimate the impact it has had on them.
I am extremely proud of how this GCSE year group conducted themselves, and am filled with joy to celebrate every grade.”

Fairfield High School

Fairfield High School students are celebrating a strong set of GCSE results, demonstrating considerable resilience and flexibility, as their course changed multiple times across the year.
Many students were awarded high grades based on their hard work and achievement over five years in the school, the last two of which have proved challenging due to lockdown and periods of isolation.
Others reached standards well above those that might have been expected when they started at FHS. Fairfield has recently been rated Bristol’s top nonselective school in The Guardian’s Good School’s Guide, shining in particular in the following areas representation, disadvantaged pupils and progress. It prides itself on recognising the success of all students, including those with English as an additional language and young people in care.
Principal Nick Lewis said: “We are extremely proud of our Year 11s, whose time at Fairfield has been a rollercoaster during the past two years. The resilience they have shown due to the ever changing picture of exams is commendable. As with the cohort who left us last year, we are determined their future plans will not be derailed by the coronavirus crisis. Our staff have gone the extra mile to support them.
“Well done to all the students who have achieved the grades they were hoping for. Perhaps more importantly, I want to congratulate all our young people who have shown ongoing maturity and resilience. I wish them all the best for the future.”
Former Head Student and Bristol Youth Mayor Alice Towle echoed the Principal’s comments. She said: “Last year our teachers were fantastic, checking up on us by phone and email. The post-16 transition co-ordinator knew where everyone was planning to for sixth form in September and provided amazing support throughout the process.”
Redland Green School

Headteacher Louise Blundell commented: “I genuinely could not be more proud of our Year 11 students this academic year. If we consider that the last year and a half has brought about such unprecedented times of change, challenge and uncertainty there is no doubt in my mind that our Year 11 students have demonstrated nothing but resilience, adaptability, courage and determination whilst maintaining a sense of community, support and humour!
“We cannot go back and change the turbulent and ever changing processes that our young people have had to endure during this time but are now delighted that we can, following the release of their GCSE/BTEC results, celebrate their achievements over the last five years and support them in ensuring they are able to take their next step on their educational journeys and aim towards the bright futures I have no doubt are ahead of them.
“We have seen our Year 11 students grow and mature into responsible and delightful young adults. We wish the students of 2021 our congratulations and our very best wishes for the future.”

St Katherine’s School

JUSTIN Humphreys, Headteacher said: “Congratulations to each student in Year 11 on their results - great individual outcomes after a disrupted journey in the last two years. The unique awarding process this year must take nothing away from the hard work and commitment our students have shown towards their studies to prove what they are capable of along with ensuring they remain on track to realise their personal aspirations.
" We are deeply proud of their achievements and grateful for the unwavering support from families and our committed staff at St Katherine’s who provided exceptional support and education throughout the disruption.
“There are many great success stories again this year allowing students to progress onto their chosen pathway. The achievements of individuals reflect tremendous resilience and determination along their journey. We wish all our students every success as they take their next steps.”
The proportion of GCSEs at grades 9-5 was 65.2% .

Oasis Brightstowe

A NUMBER of students have achieved superb individual results, including:
• Alex, who secured tremdous grades 99888888 and will be heading to SGS College in September as he commences his A-Levels
• Amy, who achieved amazing results 98855 and a L2 D* in Health & Social Care. She has secured a scholarship at Colstons
• Freddie, who secured fabulous grades 9999999888 and has secured a scholarship at Colston’s to study A Levels
• Sophie-Leigh, who achieved 99999877 and a L2 D in Business and is heading to Redmaids' High School on a scholarship.
Alan Dane, Principal at Oasis Academy Brightstowe, commented on students’ success saying; “We are thrilled for our young people who have worked so hard for these results.  At Oasis Academy Brightstowe we are passionate about giving our students the opportunities that they need to make great progress and flourish, and this year more of our students than ever are leaving us with the qualifications they need to take the next step towards a fulfilling career.”