Fix my Street: does the website need fixing?

December 19 2018

The council’s Fix my Street service has come in for recent criticism from residents, frustrated that the site doesn’t work as it should. It needs fixing!

A frequent complaint is that people make reports but often nothing happens as a result. The city council send an email acknowledgement, and then requests fall into an abyss.  

Graham Donald raised the matter with Mayor Rees at the full council meeting on 11 December citing the examples below:

    “Last May, a Westbury Park resident reported a large puddle in the street outside his elderly mother’s home. Despite him sending reminders, by November absolutely nothing had happened. I advised him to email a senior officer and, miraculously, the city council made contact.

    “In August, I reported epicormic growth on a tree in Westbury village. It was on a street corner, obscuring the vision of both motorists and pedestrians – a road safety issue. The months rolled by and my request was “reallocated”. Last month, a friend and I took action: we pruned the excess growth, taking it away for recycling. Passers-by said we weren’t alone: they had despaired of the city council doing anything, got out their gardening tools and sorted things out for themselves.

    “In August, I reported damaged hedging at Canford Cemetery – the aftermath of a lorry accident in March. Several weeks ago, I was told that the lorry company’s insurers had paid up but there is no sign of any action. What is going on? Shouldn’t residents be told? I don’t want to disappoint the council but whereas pruning is within my capabilities, new hedging isn’t.”

The Mayor listened to Graham’s list of complaints and said that he would: “Get the team to look at this.”

After the meeting Graham said: “Residents are keen to know whether there are any priorities in the system and would like to be told what is going on about the issue reported. While making a fuss and taking action individually seems to work, neither is a long-term solution.

" The council needs to FIX ‘Fix my Street’.