Fairfield students branch out

September 30 2015

Fairfield students branch out

NEW students have been putting down roots at Fairfield High School by planting fruit trees. Each Year 7 tutor group has a tree they can watch growing over their five years at the school in Horfield.

Alongside the trees, the students have buried time capsules, which they will dig up in 2020. These contain photographs and messages that the students can eventually keep as mementoes of their school days.

The record number of 11-yearolds who have started at Fairfield this month have benefited from the school’s unique transition programme, designed to prevent the traditional dip in performance that often happens in the first year of secondary education.

The programme includes one-to-one appointments, picnics, after-school clubs and a free two-week summer camp. There is also a website created by last year’s new arrivals, full of tips and reassurances for children moving up from primary school.

And, as mums and dads are often more nervous than their offspring, Fairfield holds weekly parents’ teas where Year 7 families can catch up with teachers and find out how the children are getting on.

Principal Catriona Mangham said: “We really believe that moving from primary to secondary school should be a seamless experience. We make every effort to know and understand the needs of individual children before they officially start. We want every family to be part of the Fairfield family.”