Contractors due on site to complete building

March 29 2021

Contractors due on site to complete building Spring is here and with it comes some progress - finally - on a development project that’s been an eyesore in the local area for the past six years. Jeff Bishop from Westbury Park has two bits of topical information to share.
"The first is really good news, if long overdue,” says Jeff.
“The Westbury Park Community Association have been told that contractors will be on site any day now to complete all the works on the currently unfinished building at 99, Devonshire Road! We don’t know any more details yet so watch this space for further information.
"Secondly, if you’ve wondered why you had heard nothing for a few months about the possible redevelopment of the old St. Christopher’s land and buildings, that’s because the current owners – Aurora, who care for extremely vulnerable children around the country – are putting all of their efforts at the moment into getting through the Covid pandemic. So watch this space on that one too!"