Closure order on Lockleaze property

September 29 2020

A closure order has been granted against a property in Lockleaze to prevent further incidents of antisocial behaviour.
Bristol Magistrates Court approved the order on Wednesday 26 August, which will last up to three months, following reports of nuisance at the address in the Flaxman Close area.
Issues, including drug-related activity, have been reported to police over the summer and the beat team attended the property several times, met with residents and other authorities to bring about a resolution. Extra foot patrols have been carried out to try to improve the situation.
PCSO Cherie Broadfield said: "People living nearby spoke about finding drug paraphernalia in the vicinity of the address and said a lot of people would come and go from the property all hours of the day and night often causing disturbances. This made life for residents particularly unpleasant and understandably they wanted the issue tackled and so we're pleased the court has granted this closure order.
"Acts like this are made possible by the community coming forward and telling us of the issues they are unfairly facing. We're grateful that the residents of Lockleaze have placed their faith in us and hope the steps taken make their neighbourhood a safer and more enjoyable place to live."
If you are experiencing ongoing antisocial behaviour in your area, report it online at or on 101.