City centre traffic changes

July 30 2020

Changes to how traffic flows around Bristol city centre will come into force from August 2, as part of the council’s drive to improve air quality and make it easier for people to catch the bus, walk and cycle in the city centre.
Bristol Bridge will close to general traffic (buses, taxis, motorcycles and cyclists will still be allowed). Baldwin Street and the bottom of Union Street will also have similar closures. Other sustainable transport improvements include new cycling routes through the city centre that will reduce space for through traffic on Lewins Mead and Park Row/Upper Maudlin St.
This is all in addition to work being undertaken across Bristol to widen pavements and create new bike lanes. King Street has already been closed to all traffic to help improve the leisure and hospitality offer in that popular location.
Access to the city centre for loading and car parks will still remain using alternative routes.
A map of the changes is available on the council’s website, as are details of a six month consultation on the changes: