Cheers! Ale and Arty event tops £3,000

December 19 2018
Cheers! Ale and Arty event tops £3,000

St Peter’s Henleaze welcomed a large number of the people throughout the day and evening to their popular Ale and Arty event held at the end of October.

The event began at midday with a wide range of craft and art stalls supplied by the artists’ co-operative We Make Bristol as well as ‘active art’ stalls, such as hat making, face painting, a nail bar and all sorts of different art activities.   

A wide range of craft ales were enjoyed by many, along with ciders, wines, Prosecco and soft drinks and a range of food. The church area turned into a live music venue in the event with The Watermelon Jam Jazz band and famed Bristol R&B band The Deltics who provided the evening’s entertainment.

 Speaking on behalf of the Ale and Arty Charity Festival Team, Mark Pilgrim, Vicar at St Peter’s said: “We’re so grateful for the support the local community gave to St Peter's Henleaze Ale and Arty Charity Festival on 20th October. 

 “As a result we will be donating the excess of income over expenses (£3,085) to charity. £1,000 will go to the Julian Trust Bristol Night Shelter and £2,085 to St Peter's Outreach groups. These include:

    Henleaze Hospitality (our initiative to welcome a Syrian refugee family who will start a new life in Henleaze in December)

    Miriam Knowles, an occupational therapist working in Tanzania

    Christian work in three Dioceses in northern Uganda (where many refugees from South Sudan are relocating).

“Thank you to everyone who came to Ale and Arty and helped make it a successful event for the third year running.”