Canford Lane campaigners make their case to the city council

November 28 2017

The Canford Lane campaigners once more made their case to the city council meeting on November 14.

The Canford Lane campaigners once more made their case to the city council meeting on November 14.

The show-stealer was 88-year-old Canford Lane resident Kevin Gummett who underlined yet again how difficult it is for older people and young families to cross in safety and comfort.  He challenged the city council to send a roads engineer along to see the situation at first hand. 

Kevin followed up by emailing the mayor next day. He told Marvin Rees: “We campaigners would be greatly encouraged if, as a first step, you arranged for a roads engineer to meet us on Canford Lane between 07.30 hrs and 08.30 hrs on any week day, when the traffic is heaviest and children are trying to cross the road on their way to school.” 

A roads engineer, said Kevin, “would see immediately how passionate we are, and will continue to be until we see at least one safe crossing point in place!”

Canford Lane resident Nicola Hawkes reminded the mayor and councillors of the vehicle count back in September revealing that 1,000 cars passed up and down every hour of the day – one vehicle every 4 seconds, when it takes a fit person 7 seconds to cross the road. 

Nicola stressed that it wasn’t just residents who were affected: “During our campaign, we spoke to one lady who regularly visits Canford Cemetery, which is across Canford Lane from me. Her late husband is buried there.  On her journey there, she comes by bus which stops right outside the cemetery. To go home, however, she takes a taxi because she simply doesn’t feel safe crossing Canford Lane. We should not be making life so difficult for grieving relatives.”

Campaigner Graham Donald asked how much the city council expected by way of a contribution to mitigate the effects on north Bristol when Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood is built. 

Mayor Rees said that more than  £7 million should be received from South Gloucestershire Council. Graham then asked if the mayor would commit to spending half a percent of this on a safe crossing for Canford Lane. The mayor wouldn’t commit himself, but said he would consider it.

The campaigners will battle on until Canford Lane can be crossed in safety. Their petition is at or you can sign a paper copy. Please call 07791 387618 or 07980 191933 to sign the petition or help gather signatures.