Big medals haul at World Championships

August 28 2018

Three students from Bristol based World Tang Soo Do Association clubs attended the World Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina during July, and came away with four Gold, one Silver and a Grand Champion cup between them.

Tom Woodford (3rd Dan Black Belt), Chris Woodford (1st Dan Black Belt), both from the Frome Valley Tang Soo Do club which runs on two sites, the URC church hall on Muller Road, Horfield, Bristol and Wellesley Primary School, Yate, and Nick Davison (Cho Dan Bo) from the Bishopston Tang Soo Do club who train at St Bonaventure’s School, took part in the two day competition in the United States competing in Weapons, Hyungs and Free Sparring categories.  They were part of a larger GB Team of 51 students who flew across to the USA for this competition.  

Overall, the GB team won 96 medals and 3 Grand Champion trophies.  Tom wasn’t placed but performed really well in a very tight group.  However, Chris won a gold medal for Hyungs, and a silver medal for Weapons and Nick went one better winning Gold in each of the categories.  Nick was also awarded the Snr Male Gup Grand Champion cup.

Instructors of the two clubs, Master Rachel Woodford from Frome Valley TSD and Jordan Chappell (3rd Dan Black Belt) from Bishopston TSD, accompanied the group to Greensboro, and were both extremely proud of the achievements of their students.  Master Woodford said: “The students have been working towards this competition for over a year, taking part in regional championships in preparation, and working hard to identify areas they could improve and develop as well as maintaining health and fitness during this long lead-up.  Their success at the World Championships reflects the hard work and dedication that they have given.”

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art dating back over 2,000 years and The World Tang Soo Do Association has maintained its links with these traditions.  Competition is part of the activities that the local clubs take part in, with the World Championships held every two years in the United States.

With over 1,700 competitors, the Championships are held over a two-day period and the Opening Ceremony highlights the promotions of Senior Masters and celebrates outstanding contributions by students and Instructors of the Association.  Demonstrations are included during this part of the event, and this year, for the first time, an All-Female demonstration was given by over 500 students from around the world.  The students had been practising a special hyung, but this was the first time they had come together to demonstrate this.  Master Rachel Woodford, instructor from the Frome Valley Tang Soo Do club, took part in this demonstration, and felt that this was one of the best moments she had experienced since taking up Tang Soo Do in 1996.

In Bristol there are nine Tang Soo Do clubs linking to the World Tang Soo Do Association, and new students are always welcome at all these clubs.  Frome Valley TSD meet on a Friday night (in Horfield) and a Tuesday night in Yate, whilst Bishopston TSD meet on a Thursday evening. For more information contact the instructors (Master Rachel Woodford on 07712 729726 and Jordan Chappell on 07702 173791) or go to the website,