Behind closed doors at the Men’s Club

September 30 2015
Behind closed doors at the Men’s Club

Behind closed doors at the Men’s Club

HALF the population were given their first chance to see what lies behind the doors of Westbury Men’s Club as part of Bristol’s annual Doors Open Day.

It is 120 years since Mrs Savage presented the village with its Parish Institute on behalf of her late brother Walter.

The intention in those late Victorian times was to provide a centre of improvement for the men folk, and evidently that was welcome news to the ladies of the parish.

The building, on the corner of Canford Lane and Stoke Lane, is one of most recognisable in the village.

Its good looks endure, and so does its constitution. It is men only, and the only two big changes over the years have been the change of name and the granting of a licence – it was originally tea total.

In welcoming all comers for three hours, the committee wanted to “...take away any thoughts that there are ‘mysterious goings on’ behind the doors.

In the three hours available, more than 100 people looked in. At least a half were women and many of them are married or connected to members.

Like any visitor, they received the warmest of welcomes, saw a gleaming bar, comfortable seating, two snooker tables in tip top condition, and met some of Westbury’s greatest characters.

One of the most recognisable buildings in Westbury-on-Trym, but what goes on at the Men’s Club?