April 2018: Primal Posture

March 27 2018

Yoga Postures for every body

Central Bristol has been bursting with yoga classes for decades now. There’s something for everybody - literally, every body - ranging from the gymnastic to the gently therapeutic, from hot yoga to pregnancy yoga. Skilled teachers address all manner of wellbeing, and many offer 1:1 sessions. Our specific needs change as we go through life, and our yoga adapts.  

A focus of my yoga teaching for over twenty years now has been helping people with back pain. Studying this area led me to realise the importance of posture and how it contributes to our musculoskeletal health. But how does our posture relate to yoga postures?

• Whatever we do in a weekly yoga class, or even daily practice, it will probably not undo harmful things we may be doing to our body in the other 23 hours a day.

• If we live daily life with injurious movement patterns, bending poorly, or locking our knees back, for example, it’s most likely that we will bring these movements into our yoga practise – hopefully our teacher will help us change them.

• Yoga teachers are generally well trained in how to execute the postures as taught in their respective tradition. However, we can’t take it for granted that these understandings always reflect what is actually natural and healthy for the body.

To inform “best practice” in yoga we can learn from our “gurus” in the populations of the non-industrialised parts of the world where back pain and joint degeneration are rare. We can look to villages in India, Africa and South America, and still see what serves the body best. Interestingly, you will see a far more consistent posture in these diverse communities than you will see in most yoga classes. You will also see articulation at the base of the spine rather than deep lumbar curves. I’m not an Iyengar teacher, but BKS Iyengar certainly modelled that all his life.

I teach 1:1 and private classes, and currently have a space in my Tuesday 7pm and Thursday 10.15am yoga classes. You are welcome! Contact  07982 231317 or clare@gokhalemethod.com

You can find out more about natural posture at a Free Workshop - book your place directly at www.gokhalemethod.com  

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