App makes it easier to use Bristol Pound

February 26 2019

BRISTOL Pound has launched its new app, making signing up to the currency easier. Prospective users will be able to become members and use Bristol Pounds purely through in-app sign up.

The app upgrade also for the first time allows people without a permanent Bristol address - such as students or people living outside the city but working in Bristol - to sign up.
Diana Finch, Bristol Pound MD, said, “We want everyone with a stake in Bristol’s future to have the opportunity to join the Bristol Pound community. The new app should make that much easier.”
Bristol Pound is a local currency scheme primarily with a social, economic and environmental purpose – to make the city more resilient, improve economic inclusion and reduce transport-related carbon emissions.
Diana said: “Bristol Pound is about so much more than money – it is about creating a real community network of people and businesses who are committed to helping money to circulate locally, to create a more inclusive, more resilient local economy.”
“Start-ups and small local businesses are the powerhouses of the local economy – creating opportunities and jobs for local people. By changing our spending habits, we can all affect the local economy in small and significant ways. It’s a bit like deciding to recycle – you might feel that individually you can’t stop the build-up of plastic in the oceans, but you know that if we all pull together, we can and do make a difference.”
The app is free to download and use and is available now in Google Play and Apple App Store. Current Android users will need to uninstall their app and re-install to use the new version, iOS users just need to update their current app.