Accident in Canford Lane highlights need for safe crossing

August 01 2018

A recent road accident in Canford Lane involved an elderly resident who was hit by a car.

A lady in her 90s was on her way to Westbury village when she was hit by the vehicle on July 6. She has been knocked down in this area before, and on both occasions an ambulance had to be called. 

It is yet more evidence that this dangerous stretch of road needs a safe crossing, something that local people have been highlighting for the past two years.

Local campaigner, Graham Donald, says: “The Canford Lane campaigners warned the city council that there was an accident waiting to happen. Now, sadly, we have had an accident so, for the sake of all concerned, this matter must be treated with urgency.”

Henleaze and Westbury Voice readers may remember that Councillor Mhairi Threlfall (Cabinet Member for Highways) and Ed Plowden (Sustainable Transport Service Manager) visited the area in March and met local residents. Both walked along Canford Lane discussing locations for safe crossing points. The consensus was that Canford Lane needed safe crossing points, probably two or three central refuges rather than a single zebra crossing.

Council officers later emailed to say that Canford Lane “is almost certain to be one of the schemes that the Area Engineering Team will be recommending as a priority for CIL investment to the Area Committee in May.”  Subsequently, officers submitted proposals to the Area Committee’s meeting in May for central refuges in Canford Lane and in Dingle Road.

The Area Committee duly met in May but no-one from the Campaign knew of this meeting, though they would like to have been there to make their case. There appears to be no official account of this meeting but we understand that Canford Lane is not one of the recommended schemes at the moment.

Graham Donald says: “We’d like to know the city council’s plan for Canford Lane but can’t find out from council officers. Is the Area Committee the only source of funding?  

“Whilst the council has been treading water, a serious accident has taken place. A lady in her 90s was hit by a car. 

“Her family say her injuries were not life threatening but she now only feels safe if she travels to Westbury village by taxi, rather than walking there as she used to do. Her family feel that this impacts unfairly on her finances but also diminishes her independence and her quality of her life. They understandably want some action taken. 

“What do the city council plan to do?”