£98k Golden Goodbye case: questions remain, says campaigner

July 30 2019

Last autumn Bristol City Council’s External Auditors, BDO, concluded that the Golden Goodbye of £98k given to former council CEO Anna Klonowksi was “not a contractual obligation”.

At a meeting on July 16, Full Council noted the actions taken to implement the recommendations of the Council’s External Auditors, BDO, relating to senior executive remuneration. Following a debate there was a call for a recorded vote and the recommendation was carried with 38 voting for, 4 abstained, 18 voting against.
Local resident Graham Donald launched a petition last year asking for an enquiry into the controversial payment. He said: “The city council have made some changes in response to the Golden Goodbye to Bristol’s former CEO, who received almost £100,000 of citizens’ money via an unnecessary payment.
“There are some improvements. Committees will get accurate and complete information, normal in any well-run authority I would have thought. But such information needn’t be in writing, leaving scope for oral reports behind closed doors.
“There will be “appropriate” oversight of legal instructions and commissioning of external legal advice. But who decides what’s appropriate - the Mayor and his advisers? If things go wrong in the future, there is no provision for disciplinary action or referrals to the Monitoring Officer. So where are the teeth?
 “Am I the only Bristol resident who is not reassured?”