Westbury and Henleaze libraries need your help

Published on: 31 Aug 2017

The Neighbourhood Consultation which will influence your future local services is drawing to a close but there is still time to get your views heard.

Bristol City Council have a number of suggestions to achieve a £4.7 million cut to services over the next three years, which affect local libraries, public toilets, school crossing patrols, Community Links day centres and transport and funding for Neighbourhood Partnerships.

The online survey asks for people to select from a number of choices about their preferred outcome for each service or to add their own suggestions. Paper copies of the survey are also available on request at local libraries or from the council.

In the library section, there would be no more council funding for well-loved Westbury Library under any of the options chosen so it is vital that local people make their views known.

Henleaze Library, the busiest neighbourhood library in Bristol, remains open if Option 1 or 3 is selected; however, that implies that library users agree that the unnamed libraries on the form should close.

The question asks only which of the three options you prefer: any box ticked means you agree with it and these ticked boxes will be added up and could give a spurious result. Westbury Library group advise against ticking any option at all and suggest people raise their objections to the proposals in the feedback box at the bottom of the page.

A ‘Love Bristol Libraries’ petition criticising the flawed nature of the consultation itself and the proposal to close 17 libraries and urging the council to find alternative funding sources is running until September 5. Almost 450 people have signed it in Westbury library itself, while the city-wide online petition is now running at over 920 additional signatures. 

The consultation continues until Tuesday September 5 and can be found at www.bristol.gov.uk/en_US/council-spending-performance/your-neighbourhood-consultation-2017

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