Canford Lane - one crossing or two?

Published on: 27 Feb 2018


The campaign for a Canford Lane crossing on this very busy stretch of road has continued for many months now and the next step is a visit by Councillor Mhairi Threlfall, Cabinet member for Transport. 

The visit is scheduled for the morning of 19 March and the campaigners have asked Councillor Threlfall to bring a roads engineer with her so they can discuss the options. Their aim is an outline scheme so that, if and when funds become available, there is a clear proposal.

Up till now, everyone had assumed that any Canford Lane crossing would be somewhere near Canford Park or the cemetery nearby. This was in line with a sketch provided by the council’s roads engineer for the former Neighbourhood Partnership.

But there are now hints from the city council about another possibility.  Would it be practicable to provide two crossings for Canford Lane? One could be in the Canford Park area but with a second one at the other end of the road.  A second crossing would help residents of roads to the side of Canford Lane, making it easier for them to access the Dingle or walk to Blaise. Realistically, both crossings would then have to be central refuges for reasons of cost.

The Crossing Campaigners are relaxed about this alternative approach. Leading campaigner Nicola Hawkes says: “A lot of people at the Dingle end of Canford Lane signed our petitions. I am all in favour of a second crossing if that would help more people and can be provided safely.

“Of course, cars don’t have to stop for a pedestrian refuge as they do for a zebra crossing, so the onus would be on people crossing the road to take care. But providing refuges would mean that the road could be crossed in two stages. At present, you have to wait for a gap in the traffic on both sides of the road which is difficult for everyone but especially for families or older people.”

The campaigners are keen to hear residents’ preferences before meeting Cllr  Threlfall. 

Contact Nicola Hawkes (email or mobile 07791 387618) with your views. The crossing campaign can be followed on Facebook.

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